About Anal Glands

Like everything else in life, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Most pets do not need this done and expressing them internally or externally regularly can and will likely cause more harm than good. We know more about anal glands these days and the dangers involved in routine expression. Some old fashioned groomers still do anal glands and some big box pet stores do as well.

I get a lot of calls about anal glands. No, I don't express anal glands and here's why: I don't ever want to do anything that could harm a pet. I can't say it any better than this website from Dr. Karen Becker. Having said that, sometimes it is necessary to express those anal glands. 

This is my boy Mikah. He never needed his anal glands expressed until his diet changed. He's on low-fat food because of his pancreatitis and although I try to get lots of fibre into him, it's still not enough to clean out those glands. So I go to my vet. They are the health professionals.