Holistic Grooming

There is a new wave of groomers out there with a name and a mission. They are holistic dog groomers and they are passionate about pets. Holistic grooming is about working with the mind, spirit and body of your dog. It's not just a coat on an animal that needs to be shaved, It's about working with the whole pet and keeping them at ease. Some groomers have been doing this for years without knowing there was a name for it. Me included.

Before I discovered this new group of groomers, I used to call my style "zen grooming". Zen refers to achieving a meditative state and while I'm not in the lotus position, I am clearing my mind of all external distractions. I focus on the dog before me, not on the clock or the phone. I often don't know what time it is when I'm working. I never rush a groom. Each dog is different and some need more breaks than others. Puppies often need a little nap at some point. I want to give each dog a loving, relaxing groom.  

Without knowing it, I have incorporated holistic methods in my grooming. I have crystals and relaxing lavender around my shop while nature sounds provide a soothing backdrop, all of which have been known to calm nervous dogs. But for me, it's more about how the dog is feeling as the grooming progresses. A happy, calm dog is the goal. It just so happens that they get a fabulous haircut too!

So call me holistic or call me zen, but definitely call me lucky to be doing something that I love!

'A happy, calm dog is the goal'