Winter Grooming

Winter grooming is as important as at any other time of year: some would argue more important.

Let me try to explain what is happening to your dog's coat during the winter. Not being furry creatures ourselves (well, most of us), we may not have given it much thought.  

You want a lot of fur in the winter, right? Yes, but not matted fur.  

There are a few reasons matted fur is problem:

Your dog's skin needs to breathe.  

Just like ours. Matted coats don't let their skin breathe. Skin cells get trapped under a dense layer of fur as do oils, dirt and moisture. This leads to dermatitis, hot spots and a host of skin problems.  

It's also uncomfortable.

Imagine putting on a sweater because it's cold. Leave the sweater on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Each week, add another sweater without taking the old one(s) off. How long would it take before you felt uncomfortable? This is happening to your dog except from the inside out. The coat continues to grow out from the skin and, if the coat is not brushed out, soon has nowhere to go but into a tangled mess. This tangled mess gets very tight and also does a terrible job of keeping your dog warm.  

Matted coats don't keep your dog warm.  

I hate to compare your dog with your house but people seem to understand this analogy:

Insulation in your house works because it is fluffy and traps the warm air inside and creates a barrier against the cold. If you squish that insulation, it doesn't do the job very well at all. Matted coats are like squished insulation. Properly brushed coats are like fluffy heavy insulation.

Shaving all your dog's fur off in February is so not fair. I see it every year. A dog's coat will get totally matted and require close shaving for health and/or comfort. Breaks my heart. Every year.

So, yes, you do want more fur in the winter but brushed-out fluffy fur.

At Tory's Grooming, I continue to groom every four to six weeks in winter using longer and longer snap-on combs over the blades. We achieve a controlled grow-out of fur to the length you want. So let's turn your scruffy dog into a fluffy dog and keep 'em warm! Give me a call to book a grooming appointment for your furry friend. 

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Meet Dusty, a true Snow Angel. Dusty likes to sit in the snow. He likes to roll in the snow. Winter is his favourite time of year. Dusty gets brushed out at home (often) and comes in for a groom every 6 weeks. His coat is always fluffy and keeps him warm.